Halsey, Inc

  Specializing in Custom Fabricated Sheets and Rolls of ROCKSHIELD

Halsey, Inc. located in Northeast Pennsylvania has Specialized in Compression Molding for over 60 years.  Halsey products have been selected for their superior durability by the US Government, and sold to General Services Administration and used throughout the Military.

Red One PVC mat is lightweight and rolls out without "bunching" for the most cost effective application saving hours of time and un-necessary costs. Because Red One does not "bunch" on rollers, installers prefer using this as it can be installed on long areas of welded up pipe and then pipe and shield can be lowered into trench in one step.

Red One Rockshield

  • High Tensile Strength

  • Excellent Puncture Strength

  • Cost Effective

  • Allow Easy Visual Inspection

  • Lightweight/Easy to Handle/Install

  • Easily "Rolls" Out on Pipe

  • Resists Bacteria and Fungus Attack

  • Excellent Cathodic Un-Inhibited Design

  • Absorbs Impact of Uneven Back Fill

  • Protects Pipe Coating from Protruding Rock in Trench

  • Unaffected by Temperature and Wet Weather
  • Available standard rolls and sheets for all pipe sizes
  • Custom fabricated sheets in any size for all applications
  • Tested to meet and exceed industry standards
  • Optimized corrugated geometry for "best-in-class" pipe protection


Parallel Installation:

Unroll material parallel to the pipe and wrap around pipe. Fasten with tape, plastic ties or other secure material.

Circumferential Installation:

Sheets need to be cut to match pipe circumference plus some overlap.  Warp sheet around pipe width. Fasten with tape, plastic ties or other secure material.


Nominal Thickness

Red One:

.2inch (5mm)


For more information on RED ONE ROCKSHIELD call us at

(570) 278-3610 or Email us at halseyplastic@aol.com