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All Products Made in the USA!
1950 - 2005
   Celebrating our 55th Anniversary!

Over 50 years of experience in compression molding thermosetting materials including; melamine, urea, phenolic, epoxies, polyesters and vinylesters.  Our specialty is in compression molding thermosetting materials with various structure reinforcement materials including; glass fiber, glass roving, woven glass, air amid fiber, woven air amid, cellulose fiber and woven cellulose.  Halsey Inc. compounds its own proprietary cellulose reinforced melamine molding compound* used in various electrical grade and food grade products.  Our companies molding capacity ranges from 75 tons to 300 tons on 12 press up to 36 inch by 36 inch bed size. 

Halsey, Inc. offers it's proprietary line* of high impact strength food service equipment which is manufactured to Military and Federal Specifications.  For over 30 years, Halsey, Inc. has operated under a prime contractors quality approved manufacturing agreement with General Services Administration, the United States Federal Supply Service.   Halsey's product line of institutional grade melamine dinnerware is used through out the United State armed forces and many hospitals, prisons, and school cafeterias.  Products include plates, bowls, cups, tumblers and compartment trays.

Halsey developed and markets a custom melamine decorating process to apply one of a kind and short-run graphics to melamine plates, coasters and flat trays.  Decorated items include Custom Picture Plates, Custom Mini Plates, Logo Trays, and other promotional items.

* 4 Times the Impact Strength vs. Heavy Weight Melamine

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