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Custom Picture Plate
Square Ash Trays
Rectangle Ash Trays
12x15 Flat Serving Tray
9" Reinforced Logo Plate


halsey inc, custom photo plate, photo plate, logo                       halsey inc, custom photo mini plate, photo plate, logo                                   

  Custom Picture Plate                             Coasters

All Custom items can be made in a variety of colors and can
have special designed art work, such as business or school logos and photos.  Great items for promotional give-a-ways, gifts, etc.
Custom Picture Plate

Send us your art work, photo (original) or digital (high resolution) photo on CD and we will mold the photo image into a 10" Melamine Plate.


4 inch round coaster,  add your logo!  Great item for promotional give a ways.

Square Ash Trays

Made of our traditional melamine.

Rectangle Ash Tray

Made of our traditional melamine.

12x15 Flat Serving Tray*

Made of our traditional melamine.

9 inch Reinforced Logo Plate*

Made of our reinforced melamine.

*Reinforced melamine is 4 times the strength of standard melamine.


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