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What is Melamine?  Melamine is a high melting point organic that is used to make thermosetting molding compounds.  When cured under high pressure and temperature, melamine moldings exhibit resistance to heat, water and chemicals.  Halsey, inc. has molded melamine (MelaMac®) dinnerware for over 50 years.

Composite Reinforced Melamine-Halsey, Inc. uses Food & Drug Administration-approved melamine resins and combines them with chopped fiber filler to make a superior product.  Expert engineering brings together the finest materials with the most up-to-date manufacturing technology.

Engineering Specifications

  1. Izod Impact Strength-1.0 foot pounds per inch notch.  Four times the requirement for standard melamine dinnerware.
  2. Flexural Strength-11,000 pounds per inch.
  3. No appreciable loss of luster or change in appearance after the following tests:
bullet10-minute immersion in boiling sulphuric acid solution (0.8% by weight)
bulletEight hours in a circulating air oven at 170 degrees.
bulletOne hour in a boiling 0.3 percent detergent solution.
bulletOne hour immersion in chlorine disinfectant solution. (250 parts per million)


Melamine Products

bulletHave the Look of Ceramic
bulletHeat Resistant to 360° and Dishwasher Safe
bulletFDA Approved Material
bulletFast Drying
bulletLong Service Life



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