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Standard 16 oz Bowl


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Stand 16 ounce Nappie Bowl

This is a great bowl to go along with the compartment trays.  They fit in both types of trays traditional and space-saver. 

List Price:  $24.00 DZ   -Federal Agencies**

Order #:  16XB1-x

Color:  Sahara Sand, Classic Green, White, Black, Red, Cobalt Blue, Slate Blue, Yellow, Hunter Green, and Maroon.


 FIESTA WARE COLORS: Fiesta Orange, Fiesta Green, Fiesta Blue, and Fiesta Yellow


12 DZ Per Case-38 LB 2.1 CF

**Stock for all Federal Agencies by GSA
You may purchase our items through
GSA Schedule Contract # GS-07-F-0083H
or click the GSA Advantage link below.


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